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All our recipes are chef inspired. In all, there are 33 different recipes made daily including 5 signature salsa. Our steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, and mahi-mahi fish are all marinated for a minimum of 24 hours.

Grilled fresh and served on flour tortillas.

Steak “Carne asada” style, pico, cheese, and guacamole
$3.99 each | $8.39 meal

Pork “Al pastor”, pineapple, pico, and cheese
$3.29 each | $7.69 meal

Grilled Chicken Cilantro-lime marinated breast, pico, cheese, and guacamole
$3.29 each | $7.69 meal

Shrimp “Adobado” style, slaw, pico, and cilantro-lime dressing
$3.99 each | $8.39 meal

Veggie Grilled poblano pepper, mushroom, pico, red potato, onion, and cheese
$3.29 each | $7.69 meal

Fish Grilled fish taco with cilantro-lime slaw
$3.99 each | $8.39 meal

*Corn tortillas & sour cream available upon request.*

Small delicious dishes. Sharing is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Empanadas Pastry filled with chicken, veggies, spicy mayo, lettuce, and sour cream

Croquetas Made with ham, cheese, and spicy mayo with 6 per order

Shrimp en fuego Batter-fried shrimp with sweet & spicy sauce with 8 per order

Papas bravas Roasted red potatoes served with spicy mayo

Fuego wings Served with sweet & spicy sauce with 4 per order


Cilantro lime rice

Pinto beans with queso

Chips + salsa

Chips + guacamole

Salsa 4oz



Here is what you can look forward to experiencing in Brushfire fresh signature salsas:

Pico De Gallo
Mild with a beautiful color accent
Tomato, onion, jalepeno, cilantro, and lime

Medium hot and tasty
Roasted tomato and jalepeno

Medium hot avocado and tomatillo traditional green salsa
Cilantro, tomatillo and avocado

Hot chile de arbol (pepper tree)
Hot chile and tomato

Very hot but good flavor
Super hot habanero

Remember, the skill to produce an award winning salsa is to achieve the level of hot desired with taste. A hot salsa is not difficult to prepare but hot with good flavor is the desired result.

Fountain Soda
Regular 16oz $1.79 | Large 24oz $1.99

Homemade Horchata
Regular 16oz $2.99 | Large 24oz $3.24

Orange Juice

Bottled H2O

Churro with chocolate sauce

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