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Experience our handcrafted flavors: marinated and grilled tacos, authentic Spanish style tapas, zesty spices, all through a convenient drive through and casual walk-up / walk-in venues, redefining and elevating the fast food experience!




Our Food Is Fresh… Nothing Has Been Frozen​

Our initial idea for a richly flavored menu was that our recipes would be made fresh every day. And, that our meats or other food groups would ‘only’ be fresh and never frozen. As we were to find out, this concept is more easily attainable in a traditional sit down restaurant. Our model, requested by the owner, called for a drive thru format where a totally fresh menu would be provided for a fast food restaurant and Phoenicians on the go.

The difficulty with serving fresh food in a fast food delivery style is timing. In a regular restaurant, the food is ordered and the chef or cook puts the meats on the grill or flat top. When it’s done, it is served to the customer. However, in fast food, the traffic speeds has to be anticipated and cooked just ahead of the customer driving through the drive-up lane. Our Brushfire staff, led by Sione Saenz, was able to unlock the secrets of timing and stay committed to providing fresh, never frozen fast food to our customers that really tastes good.

Credit The Creating Chefs

​​Brushfire’s exciting menu was developed by Chef John Simmons, an award-winning chef and restaurateur from Las Vegas. The unique drive-up concept in tapas and grilled tacos cuisine was executed by Chef Gregg Piazzi, of Phoenix, a culinary partner and Director of Culinary Operations. Chef Simmons and Chef Gregg, along with Clint Berkey and family, are excited to bring an elevated dining experience to Peoria, Arizona and beyond.

What’s The Heart Of Brushfire

​​Brushfire Taco y Tapas existence is based upon a strong desire to give back to employees, the community, and the world around us. Along with providing fresh and flavorful food, Brushfire’s commitment to giving back is shown through career development and community building worldwide.

Brushfire Motto: Helping The World Take Flight

​​To assist the world in taking flight – Founder, Clint Berkey, is no stranger to missions. Giving to great causes around the world through missionary work has led him to create a new source to assist in this effort. Brushfire Tacos y Tapas will be another source that gives to the less fortunate, supports those in need, and assists in lives taking flight.

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